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TeluguLipi Editor was created by us in 1995 to help Telugus around the world. Its a very simple editor that allows people to type Telugu using the roman script. You can type what you want to say using English (ex: baagunnaaraa?) and the editor will convert it to Telugu script and display it using TeluguLipi Fonts.

Since TeluguLipi font was developed way before Unicode came along, it was designed as a True Type Font (ttf) which was common at that time. Though ttf fonts worked well for English and some European scripts, they could not support Asian character sets due to size limitations. Today's unicode fonts can support a lot of character sets including Telugu. So that makes TeluguLipi fonts and the Editor obsolete.

If you are still interested in TeluguLipi Editor please feel free to download it and use it as you please.

Please note that TeluguLipi Editor is NOT a translator. It is a transliterator which converts the English characters to corresponding Telugu character based on some simple to follow rules.