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Welcome to home page.

We are originally from India, to be specific, Andhra Pradesh State. We are very proud of our Indian heritage and very fond our mother tongue Telugu.
In the few years that we have been in USA, we miss reading stuff written in telugu most. So, we created most of our pages in telugu using 'TeluguLipi' fonts developed by us. These fonts are available for download from our site. You must download and install these fonts to be able to read pages in Telugu. You don't need these fonts for non-telugu pages.
After downloading these fonts, you will be able to read our Telugu web pages. Even though these fonts have been developed to minimize the use of complex key combinations, it still is not too easy to write some thing in Telugu. To solve this problem we developed a transliteration software called 'TeluguLipi Editor' for Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP. Using this software, you can write Telugu very easily. To learn more about this software please visit our 'TeluguLipi' Home Page.
Check out Telugu lO adee idee section for telugu poems, short stories, jokes etc. Please also visit pedda baala Siksha, telugu calendar, telugu lessons, and Super Star Krishna Home Page.
Hope you enjoy our efforts to popularise Telugu on the internet.
Srinivas and Anuradha.